Thursday, July 17, 2014

Take back your Turf Thursdays-Prepare for Christmas in July

It has been a while since I have done take back your Turf Thursday!Let's face it Summer brings chaos!I was looking ahead in my calendar and realized there is only 4 more weeks until school!!This thought got me on an organizing kick again.I looked at what was and wasn't working. I also realized I haven't made any real concrete goals in a while!So here is my thought process:

1.Look at my priorities
For school I need-

  1. Go through kids clothes and make a list of what is needed.I am doing this right now!This week.
  2. Get list for school supplies
  3. Budget
  4. Buy what is on my list
  5. Plan one more big event before school
  6. 2 weeks before-Get back to a routine. Go to bed and get up earlier
For Christmas-I like to look 6 months ahead to see what is coming. I passed Thanksgiving and Christmas!It is less than 6 months away!
  1. Make master gift list.Start thinking of those people you want to give gifts or make. 
  2. Budget. Put money away or buy gifts.I figure I will start with 2 people each pay check. 
  3. Buy extra tape when school shopping 

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