Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How to remodel your life

Sorry I have been MIA from the blogging world!Our renters bailed on us in the middle of our contract.Not only that,but they did a quite a bit of damage!
I was really angry at first and worried how we would afford all of it!It is like I went through the 3 stages of grief,that is,denial,anger and acceptance
I have been so amazed how many friends,and family, have helped us this week!I stopped thinking of this as a bad thing and enjoyed working with family, and growing closer because of it.

We have made so much progress and the house looks better because of it.This is a lot like our trials.It is hard and requires patience and working through it,but when you are done,you are a better person because of it!

There is a quote from this last General Conference by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
"Do not wait to see the rainbow to thank God. Thank him for the rain."

During these hard times it is hard to find what you are thankful for.Each trial is like a remodel.As you start planning your project, identify the area in your life you want to remodel and take some time to consider your lifestyle and how this trial/change fits into the picture. Consider how you’re seeing your trial now and what you want this remodel to accomplish.

2.Consider what you need and want.This means looking at your priorities. Will you grow old with an illness or a family members illness, or is this an update to freshen up your life? What is the trial trying to accomplish?

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