Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How to be a voice remembered not forgotten.

I have a little secret. It starts with ideas like little seeds. I have so many of them tucked away. Emotions, dreams, plans all scribbled on paper. Some of these ideas make it here on my blog. Many are buried until they can be rediscovered. The truth is I am always searching for a better way to do things or improve upon what I am already doing, mostly as a Mom. I have  no idea what I am doing! Will I ever get to them all? I don't know...... Maybe when I am gone my children will find them. I am not just a Mom. I am a writer. I believe all these years I have been trying to find my way through my words. Words are powerful! They can cut you down like a blow from a mighty sword. They can be haunting or linger in our thoughts. Words can be soft and gentle or pierce you to your very soul! They can also be comforting and familiar like a long lost friend.

Maybe when I am gone they will remember, my words/my voice? I may not be gone from this earth but not there with them. As a Mom so many days I feel no matter how kind I am or if I am an anger monster my kids don't hear me! They might as well be covering their cute little ears. Why do they tune me out? A mother should have a voice. After all I am to instruct them and help them until they can stretch their wings of independence fully. Christ gave me this role of a mother. What would he say if he came and saw me yelling at my kids because this was the fourth time I asked my rambunctious hooligans to do something and my kids still are not listening?

He might quote a familiar scripture like Mathew 11:15:

 He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

I bet they would stop. Words, his words are powerful and lasting. This is his simple request. Ears when mentioned in the scriptures, usually means to hear the things of God and to understand and take them into our hearts.

I am trying to teach them the things of God both spiritually and to prepare them to be roommates and spouses someday. They have ears but they do not wish to hear. I am a broken record and my  his voice is not heard. Hearing God's voice is more important than if they cleaned their room or did their homework.

When we are babies we recognize our Mom and Dad's voice. We are so dependent on our parents for EVERYTHING!  Babies grow up and then they gain their independence and voice and want NOTHING! Could it be that my comforting familiar voice is now filled with hints of frustration and disapproval? In their minds do they think" There is no making this woman happy"? At least when they are upset. Luckily my kids still need cuddles but they are fast approaching when those will fade or only happen if they "feel like it." By then I hope that I am a voice remembered. Please children make good choices when that day comes!

As a child I was a feisty energetic little girl. I remember not wanting to listen to my mom so many times. Now humbled by my own experience as a mother. I hear my mothers voice and remember. Maybe they are listening but just not very well. When it comes time for them to remember what they have been taught they will remember God and remember his mouth piece, mothers.(Me) I am remembered but not always in the moment I choose. Therefore I choose to make those times they are listening count! At night when their batteries are running low when we gather for scriptures, books and snuggle time; I can be heard. When they are running around or screaming at me is the time to be silent or walk away "turn the other cheek." Maybe, next time they are angry they will remember to follow my example. I am like a shadow. I am always there, they just need to walk into the light.

On those days where I feel like I am mother forgotten........ just wait....... find your voice.... and he will give me authority! In those rare moments it is like he gives me a microphone so my voice can echo in their ears and his words in their hearts. We have a 50% chance that they are listening or not listening. I can only pray when they aren't listening with their ears they are listening with their hearts!

Each day I wake up and hope to be a voice remembered. I may be small, but I have big things to say!

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