Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Why we all not only need, but MUST slow down!

This is a difficult post to write. I have been so weighed down with worry and grief. If you put me in the ocean ; I would sink as if I were attached to an anchor! My feelings are deep and strong. A few days ago was supposed to be the happiest day of my daughters life. She was getting baptized! All my family was there. This rarely happens!!
Soccer proceeded this pivotal moment in my daughters life. Soccer for me is a Saturday time sucker. During soccer season they seem to be gone before they even start. It is fun to watch my kids play though. As usual we couldn't find everything, even though we thought we had prepared the night before. Just a little advice, getting ready the night before is a marvelous habit to get into! My husband and I had to go to different games. He always goes to my oldest son's game, because he is the coach.

Well we were almost ready to go and I was feeling the anxiety of being late! I HATE to be late! A family member not from here brought their dog to take to the soccer game. To their dismay our area has a no dog policy at parks or schools. So the dog was left at my house. My husband was running around and I barely caught him to ask about the dog. You see in my daughters room was a little baby bunny. The dog was a natural hunter and knew where the bunny was. We all rushed off unaware that no one had taken proper precautions to protect her bunny. Here is the part if it was a  movie, that would make you all gasp because you know something bad is going to happen.

When I got home her bunny was in the dog's mouth! I screamed and still am in shock over this tragedy ! You know what is even more sad?......... It could have been prevented! We were all rushed and excited that we all thought someone else had taken care of it! If we just would have slowed down and realized the impending danger she would be okay. SLOW DOWN!

My daughter still got baptized! That is the most important. She was very happy, until night came!When we are rushed our mind is blurred. Tragedy has struck many times because someone thought that someone else took care of it. Kids have been hit by a car, drowned or injured. Less morbidly speaking, we also forget things or overwhelm our schedules. Is it any wonder that routines and millions of how to do such and such, are searched frequently on the Internet. We have all forgotten what many of our predecessors knew. They worked hard but they were outside and one with nature. Are we so hurried that we can't pray, read or enjoy our activities?

I have learned from my mistake! It is still painful to think about. It can happen to you! Slow down and make a plan. I am now fully on board and justified when I nag my family members and ask them if they completed or did what was asked. They may be annoyed but they will be responsible and I will know I did everything I could to help/warn them. In hindsight, they may be talk disrespectful, but you will know there is no more to worry there. Then you can discipline them for their behavior. Ha-ha! We cannot be everywhere at once but we can decide if being late is better than your toddler choking , because they are eating their breakfast in the car. I am not perfect and my intention is not to say that it is anyone fault that these tragedies happen. My point is merely to do the best you can to be aware and notice what is going on around you. Start small! Please don't take your calendar and routines and revamp them over night! Here are just a few ideas to try:
  • Try to find quiet moments or a day you are just home with your family.
  • Get up earlier
  • Prepare the night before
  • I only let my kids play one sport. Limit what extra things your kids do.
  • Allow for errors and traffic. Don't leave in just enough time to get there. Leave 15 minutes early
  • Think about your stress levels. It is not healthy to always be stressed!
  • Disconnect to re-connect. Turn off T.V and put the phone down.
  • Ask yourself what is most important? Pretend you have a empty calendar? How would you fill it? What would be first? Last? What would you give up all together?
If you have any to share that would be so exciting for me! I love, love comments!

Also get ready for May-keovers in a week!

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