Monday, July 6, 2015

Faith, Fourth and Fireworks

I am a little behind on my posting. Here is some birthday and fourth of July festivities! LOTS of pictures!
Water gun salute! Sparklers! The tires and tarp are my brilliant idea for a pool and it worked!

A little Harry Potter in the mix! Expelliarmous!

My boys! My family!

Chima cake for the birthday boy!

Tonight we got together with some neighbors. We talked about Faith. I used this Family Home evening lesson and combined a visual aid about fireworks. After the lesson was over we did fire works in a jar. I had the kids help me with this one. First you get a jar of warm water. This represents us.

Next, in a bowl mix vegetable oil and food coloring. The bowl is our hearts and the food coloring are seeds of faith. Then, you mix those two together. This is like when faith is stirred in our hearts. The last step is to pour the oil mixture into water. I told the kids to say silently as they poured it in, things like I believe in Christ, I know my Father lives or the scriptures are true. Something amazing happens when we have faith.

Then we set of fireworks! Of course! 
Some of those fire works were loud! I better cover my daddies ears!

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