Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer of sucesst week 6- Challenge to change your parenting

So far it has been tough to do the things on my daily happiness card. It has been so hot that by noon I am not so productive anymore. Swamp cooler in 100 degree weather is not really effective. I am just wondering how long this little rut of mine is going to last. I saw another friend of mine write on Facebook. Kids for sale! Then she proceeded to say how her kids were fighting and not cleaning and I just had to chuckle. What am I doing wrong? Is it my parenting? My children's strong will? I always hear from them that  "Summer is supposed to be fun and relaxing, not work" We have been swimming and the movies, but I am mean and don't let them have any fun. Right? I have gotten to the point where I don't even respond anymore to that. This fish is not taking the bait thank you!

How do other Mom's do it? My stress goes through the roof when I have to fight with them. I feel like I am in a boxing match. I want to make a meaningful connection but all I get is defiance and told how I am doing it all wrong. There are so many blogs out there answering these questions with as many How to's as we could possibly want. How to stop fighting, or how to get them to clean up and much more. I want them to want to clean, obey and so forth with out any manipulation or bargaining on my end. The thought of taking away everything so they can't make a mess has occurred on many desperate occasions.

 I know children are only young once and they will be grown up before I know it! In fact, I found these sweet and sticky foot prints on the kitchen bench. It is leftover from the drips of a Popsicle. In that moment of discovery, all is bliss! I think of how cute my little mess maker is and a smile creases my frustrated face.

In some ways my kids and I are similar. Our interactions would best be described in these stubborn moments as 2 rams butting heads. Other times we are working together as a group. I need to figure out the tricks to nurturing and teaching them without driving me to the end of my sanity. That is what I plan on working on for the rest of the Summer. I definitely feel like I  need to surrender to a new way of thinking.

Challenge: Figure out what my kids personality is. Write down what there strengths and weaknesses are. Then figure out what I can do to nurture what they thrive at and strengthen where they are weakest.

I also plan on having them tell me what they would like to learn about and give them a lot more options on what they can do. Their reading is continuing at least. :) I can't believe we are in July already!

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