Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to use whatever you are doing to teach

      Life is what you make of it-

     I woke up this morning with a bad case of Allergies.I couldn't see and I was so miserable!I put my sinus mask on to help with the discomfort.Then I put 2 spoons in the freezer and took them out in a minute and out them on my eyes.It acts just like cold cucumbers and brings down the swelling.My kids saw me so they got out spoons.We had so much fun goofing around.We also had a race with eggs on a spoon.I had not planned it as part of my lesson.Those are the moments you treasure forever.I try when I am teaching my 5 year old not to leave out the baby. I will continue to give tips to include the 1-3 year old.The best tip I can give you is to give them containers and something they can put in and out over and over.It is the best entertainment I have found!Get down on the floor and let them suck them into your world of playing                           

      My daughter said one day that she was going to make a robot mom and dad.I asked her why and she said that the robot dad could go to work and the robot mom could clean the house.It was a real eye opener to remind me how much the kids just want our time.I think that is why I teach my kids until they go to Kindergarten.I get to play with them and really enjoy them.We forget as parents the art of playing.

        Another little tidbit is that we can use playing to find out what is bothering our kids or what they are thinking.We use Barbie dolls where my daughter or I is the mom and we act it out.What a great way to tell what they are thinking and they think that they are playing.

     The insects swallowed the alphabet!.Hurry and get the letters and put them in Order.My toddler open and closed the eggs and put the papers back in it.Repetition is the key we also counted and talked about the colors.My Pre-k would talk to him too and tell him this is S and this is F. Then we played a game where you use the Easter eggs again.You only need 3,open them up so they are in half..Then take a small object and put it under half of the egg.Move it around and see if they can guess where it is.We talked about a half and whole.We counted the stones and just goofed around for a while.My toddler kept putting the stones in and out of the bag.

     For the next I drew a picnic blanket.It is very simple all you need is a piece of paper ,and an ink pad.You take the paper and. make it checkered.On the White squares you do three finger prints and have them count to three.I had to help my toddler but he was counting with me.I got this idea for the finger print ants at the following site.

Plenty more to come on the many ways to use Easter eggs!

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