Thursday, May 10, 2012

More of the lovely letter L

We have been having so much fun with our legs. We can run, jump,mostly on the trampoline, they bend because of the bones and muscles in our bodies.We have been having fun with friends and family.Loooooong playdates and visiting for the moms.

First thing in the morning we put out papers with objects spelling the first letter of their name.I asked what they thought would happen. Lex said nothing.So we waited a loooooong time........what is your guess? Find out tomorrow!

Let's play some hunting for lambs in the house.I used the same lamb that I used for their puppets. We did a lot of hunting for plastic eggs last month.It was time to bring it back don't you think?


After we found the poor little lambs I had 10 lambs.I wrote numbers 10-20 and they had to put it in order.We will be practicing 10-20 this week when we aren't playing!

It's time for ASL with Lex.Today it is Niece and Nephew. 

 It isn't the letter L without some Library Dramatic play.It was a big hit! We had our cash register with scanner, our phone, and my daughter set up all the books.She even recommended books for me.Then we read them! It is so important to read to your kids!I always make that the first choice for something to do.

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