Wednesday, June 6, 2012

15 activities to do with Balloons for letter B

 B is for balloons.See how many breaths it takes to blow up balloons. Corb guessed 5 and he was right on! Play balloon volley ball over couch. See how far you can say ABC or 123’s before it touches the ground. We learned Ba ba black sheep for our B letter day. We tried out a few of the activities below we were just having so much fun!

Sign for letter B.The kids thought it was funny to give a peace sign.

Abc don't let the balloon touch the floor

The balloon picked up little pieces of paper, and as a bonus dog hair!

Stick the balloons to the wall.

Fill it up with water

Toss it!

Bounce it!

Even our dog T-bone got it and it was still ok.

Crush it!

Float it!

Static! Check out that hair.

15 Activities that you can do with balloons
  1. Toss it in the air or balloon volley.See how high you can make it go.
  2. Teach colors.
  3. Blow them up different sizes and compare sizes or arrange from biggest to smallest or smallest to biggest.
  4. Blow them up and have a contest to see who can by stretching the neck out and letting the air out can make it whistle the loudest.
  5. Balloon battle where you hit each other with them.
  6. Rub the balloon and make your hair stand up and see what other objects you can pick up.Good old static at work here.
  7. Make it stick to the wall.
  8. Fill just a little bit with water and you have an really stretchy tough bouncy ball, you can also squish it.We threw it to the ground, against the house, rode a bike over it.
  9. Play hot potato with the balloon with a little bit of water.
  10. Does the balloon with water float or sink?
  11. What happens if you poke a balloon filled with water with a needle vs one filled with air? The one with water just leaks out vs the big pop!
  12. Play angry bids with same balloons with water.Not water balloons they are too thin! We are trying this on Monday.
  13. Use as decoration.This one has a list all its own
  14.  Fill it full of paper with noted on it, for a treasure hunt or to review words.They have to say the word when they pop it. I do not like this one!
  15. If it is filled with helium you can let it go outside and watch it until it disappears.

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