Saturday, June 2, 2012

June Activities

Summer is upon us! What did you do to celebrate? I threw a birthday water party with 14 kids! Crazy? A little yeah. So I hope that you are making your plans our days are already filling up sooo fast! So here is my list of things I want to accomplish this month.
  • When the kids tell you I am bored there are several options for you.1.Give them a chore2.Make a boredom jar for them to draw ideas from.3.Have them make homemade Christmas gifts.It is never too early to be thinking about Christmas!
  • wash the outside windows.
  • deep clean in the kitchen
  1. wash inside windows
  2. wash curtains
  3. deep clean of oven and microwave
  4. clean all wood work, cabinets doors and shelves
  5. Clean under stove and fridge.I already did fridge because we got a new one just recently!yay!
  6. wipe of table and chairs
  7. vacuum and mop
  8. put away winter clothes
  9. remove wasp nests in the morning when they are not so active.
  10. clean BBQ and get ready for some grilling.
  11. Don't forget Fathers Day on the 17th
Week of June 4th- 8th

June 5th-3:00 puppet players @library.Check your library for activities and reading program.
June 5th: View the transit of Venus across the sun the next one will be in 2017.For you here it will be at Antelope Island at 4:30 in the morning! I know it is early but well worth it! Just look on the Internet for the time in your has amazing pictures.
June6th-3:00 magician @ the library
June7th-3:00magic of timothy @library

Summer lessons: You want to make it fun and still keep their skills up.
Each day do 15 min lesson with a book for each subject, and a craft. Each letter is done for 2 days, and daily Reading for 15 minutes. Each kid has Computer time for 15minutes, while others read during quiet time. 30 minutes structured play. Take them for a walk, to the playground, dance etc.

Family night- Controlling Anger. Make Angry birds with rocks .I saw this on Good Things Utah. See for more details.

June 3rd: A is for Ants.Go to the library and get books on Ants.
Anticipating a great Summer journal writing. For each sentence write on a circle.There should be 3 total.It should look like an ant.This summer I will___.I am most excited about_____.I can’t wait to___. Snacks-ants on a log.

June 4th- Practice Address. The number of the week is 1.Practice writing letters and numbers. Counting by 1’s using pennies.
My first grader,Corban, going into second, will do letter blends aw/au/ai.

June 5th-Letter of the week B. . Draw body with chalk and label head, arms etc…..Hokey Poky song teaches about the different body parts. See how many breaths it takes to blow up balloons. Have a race to see who can blow up theirs first!Play balloon volley ball over couch. See how far you can say ABC or 123’s before it touches the ground. Practice ook blends. Squinkie ball math. Do you know what squinkies are they are little tiny squishy animals and people.  We have tons!!Put numbers in small balls, have them add 1 ball,2 or three. I will have pictures of this later to expand on what I am doing in case you are still confused on what this crazy lady is doing.  Corb will do journal writing for : what was your favorite part of the lesson?
My other 5 and almost 2 year old cannot write words yet!

June 6th-Subject: Birds. Check out book from the library. Have the kids look for birds and draw them.Make a bird feeder from peanut butter and seeds.I decided to take on a new project and make a classroom so we will finish that.I bought this wall border of the ab,c that the kids can color and we will hang it up and they will have their own space.

This is just an overview there will be pictures and more detail on posts to follow.Don't forget to get outside and have your kids do daily routines. I can hear the chorus of grumblings throughout the Wasatch area!We are working on our morning routines this month!  There will be chores and clean rooms! So has spoken the boss of this house!More posts on that to follow as well.
If you need more free ideas, check out Michael's make-and takes, Lowe's kid workshop, museums, and just ask around Don't forget to set up play dates.



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