Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last post until the New year!

I have not posted in a while but we are still alive here.The elf  who my kids named Buddy is still up to his antics.Maybe next year I will make a better more sturdy Elf.

Cutting out Cereal faces and sticking his head through

Stacking things on the counter

hiding under a glass

Writing on the mirror Elf was here

Wrapping up my son's backpack

don't forget the bow

This December has been a rough one with the passing of my husbands Grandma.She was a neat lady and we miss her.Tragedy has struck us all in one way or another and it is important we talk to our children to help them feel safe and accept death as a way of life.I am hoping as I take the next couple of weeks off to be with family that I will feel renewed and ready to make goals again and have more fun posts than ever!Merry Christmas!

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