Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Letter E,purple and the number 5

Circle time:Intro to letter E and sound. and Days of the week.We read The Elves and the Shoemakers.We talked about how it is nice to help others without being asked or to do secret acts of service.

Next we practiced writing our E and tracing it with our finger for the Tot.I had him find the purple crayon and make a picture.

I laid  out a whole bunch of shoes and had the kids count.My Lexi counted by twos and we decided that was a faster way of counting. We counted to 5 but agreed that you couldn't have one shoe without its mate.

Next I had the kids try on the shoes and we talked about when we would wear them.What does a ballerina wear? What about a soccer player or a fireman? I put on some music and had them dance in the shoes.My daughter pretended to be the Mommy and walked Rowen all over for pretend errands.

E is for Elf.I made this elf with paper and toilet paper roll.Lex used him to pretend to make the shoes. I will be using him for my elf on a shelf.Tomorrow will be his first antic.

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