Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Letter P-Pilot

We are on our way!Welcome to Rushton Air.We are on our way to Oslo,Norway.In real life this flight would be 12 in a half hours.Then you would spend the night there and fly 40 minutes to Slvbard Russia.Then there are many ways to get to the North Pole from there,but we will take a dog sled.The kids had their passports and tickets.The passport came with a credit card offer.Funny huh?My daughter designed the logo!At the end we counted plastic airplanes and sorted them by color.

We colored P for Pilots.We traced and wrote letter p's.They also colored an image seen from the plane,like clouds and mountains.I made this plane road with letter P and drive cars on it.We read books about planes.When traveling you need snacks and lots of activities.The more of these activities you can have in one book or quiet book.
We had our in flight snacks.

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