Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Letter P-We made it to the North Pole

We are finally here!It is cold and nothing but ice.We get lost easily without our gps.The ice is constantly moving.It is bright because the sun doesn't set.There is a good explanation about the sun and the earth and its rotation here

We took a dog sled,which was a blanket the kids sat on and I pulled them!

We stopped for a snack and a polar bear drink.
Here is our ice and tent of course the kids spent most of their time there.We also saw a Polar bear!The kids took turns hiding and finding him.They even had a shadow puppet show.That was the babies favorite part.He also has been enjoying his Nursery Rhyme Pop! Goes the weasel.When me or the kids say pop we clap or jump.Sometimes I lift him in the air!He loves the surprise!Time for these explorers to go to bed!I hope the polar bears aren't hungry.

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