Wednesday, May 29, 2013

10 ways to make learning and reviewing letters fun

Here are ways you can make reviewing or teaching more fun and engaging!

  1. Find printables in subjects they like.There are many out there and a lot of them are free!
  2. Make games to keep them engaged.We like the alphabet run.This is where you call out a letter and the kids run and find it
  3. Take a walk and see what you can find.For example B is for bird.How many birds do you see? Can you hear the different sounds they make?
  4. Take a drive.This is like the walk only you can look at buildings,license plates and much more.Plus if they are tired they can fall asleep.
  5. Find things around the house.This can be tricky but you can think outside the box.
  6. Look in newspapers
  7. Look in books.
  8. Alphabet freeze.All you need is letters in a circle.When the music stops the kids stop on a number and say it's name and sound.
  9. Think of animal that starts with that letter and have them make a sound or do an action.
  10. Match letters with each other.You can do uppercase with lowercase.We just had the foam letters out and I used smaller letters.

    We are almost done with our letters of the week.I have been working on my plans for Summer.Look for my posts coming soon! What are your plans for Summer? Do you do activities to keep the "summer slide" from happening? 

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