Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Letter of the week S-Solar system

S is for Solar system. It is made of 9 planets, galaxy and billions of stars.There is a cute song on You Tube about each planet.
The kids pretended to be planets orbiting around Sun.I played music and if I stopped it they would freeze.
They pretended they were stars.

We started our new Nursery Rhyme Star bright Star light.
How was it formed?What better way to know then to look to the scriptures about the creation.In Genesis chapter 1,it states that on the 4th day he created the moon and the stars. I had the kids draw pictures of each of the days.

I printed a coloring sheet from coloring castle.Then we cut the pictures out and played pin the planet by the sun,like pin the tail on the donkey.

Next we did sight words and making a sentence with them.I got the idea from a picture I saw for a pack on 1plus1plus1equals1.There are great preschool packs there for a variety of themes.

We mostly talked about Mercury,Venus,and Earth.Tomorrow we work with constellations,Sun,Moon,and Mars.We are going to have a very fun activity with the baby!

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