Monday, May 6, 2013

Meditation Monday

Lately I have been troubled by what to do about my kids schooling.It has consumed me really.Maybe it started out as curiosity?Maybe it was the bad weather that got me started.All this research has opened doors I didn't know even existed! We are praying and asking the kids to do it also. The only thing about worrying so much that the idea is no longer fun.

I stepped outside and the Spring air was intoxicating along with the colorful blossoms.I was surrounded by a chorus of birds chirping and singing.I started listening and trying to figure out what birds they were.My point of this deviation is that sometimes the answers come when you relax and stop looking for a little while. This is the power of stillness, of letting go of things you can't control. It's not easy but I am content that God will lead me as he has so far.I am letting go of the stress and now I am listening.

What is on your mind? Can you let it go? What helps you find stillness?

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