Monday, May 20, 2013

Meditation Monday

I am a little behind on my posts.I think my baby is teething.So for Meditation Monday I am doing just that.I am going to take care of my body so I can get some sleep.

Before I go here is our week.The school year is coming to a close.We are almost done with our letters.This week we worked on S.We traveled our Solar system.Also we talked about the creation.In addition we learned about the constellations.

The baby enjoyed the Nursery Rhyme Star Light Star Bright.We are talking to him as we change his diaper about his body.Here is our Sun hand print.Our song was Twinkle Twinkle little star. He is a strong 3 month old.He can hold his head up pretty much on his own.We also bought him a high chair.

The kids enjoyed the park and feeding the ducks.My 2 year old actually had one of the ducks bite his finger!

I missed posting my Take back your Turf Thursday. We are on week 8 of my countdown to getting ready for the beach.I am just mixing and matching the previous exercises.

My 2nd grader finished soccer this week.Yeah!Now maybe I can have my weekends back.

This week we play with the letter T and Transportation.

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