Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review of letters N,O,P and Q

It's raining its pouring letters at our house.We are reviewed letters N,O,P and Q.For my Kindergartner we practiced writing the letters.For my Toddler we practiced tracing and saying the letters and their sounds.After we sang It's Raining I asked the kids if they wanted to see it rain.We did 2 experiments.First we put a plate on a jar of water and watched as it git foggy and wet inside.We talked about the water cycle. First Evaporation. Second is Condensation.   Third is Perspiration.Last is Collection.These words are hard for youngsters but repetition is important. If you have a Second or Third Grader they can practice their vocabulary and spelling of it.The link I used to teach the water cycle and the jar experiment is
The next experiment you take a clear container and fill it with water. Then you put shaving cream on top.Add blue food coloring and you have rain! I got the idea from Pinterest. 

Next we took white paper and my Kindergartner practiced cutting and we glued a blue strip to be the sky and one to be a river.Then they glued clouds on.I showed them how they could stretch the cotton.They drew rain and we talked about those big water cycle words again.We will be doing more with this picture tomorrow.

We let the baby who is almost three months now fee the cotton balls.
The Nursery Rhyme this week is Pat-a cake.After some time outside we sang Pat-a-cake.We rolled the babies arms and patted the pretend cake and I drew his first initial on his belly.The other two wanted to teach the baby.We also did their names too!

Here we are with play d'oh.We rolled it and patted it.We wrote their initials....

We even made the letters we are reviewing this week.

Next we put it in our magic oven

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