Friday, May 31, 2013

Take back your turf Thursday-7 steps to a successful Summer

Summer is almost here! 5 more days of school,a birthday party,and a baptism!Yikes and that is just the beginning of June! There is so much out there to do for the Summer,too much!!All this month I have been gathering ideas on Pinterest. Next I put them in order of educational, important dates and what parties I am in charge of,vacation and our bucket list!I am calling it my Summer of Success! I will walk you through what I have done and my lesson plans,hopefully in advance! Here is 7 steps to a successful Summer.So what is first?

1.Print out a calendar for each Month and fill it in with important dates! This is a MUST!
2.What do you want to do to keep the kids skill sharp? There is many options my favorite so far is the one hour schedule This is where you do 15 minutes of different subjects and the kids are done!The old work before you play motto.
The next idea is to have specific days for things ,like make it Monday or Wet Wednesday.I found this do it yourself Summer camp She has great ideas!
I want my kids to write,and read as much as they can.We will go to the library once a week.I  will have them write grocery lists.My 8 year old may plan and make a meal.I want to teach responsibility with chores and values.They will earn money and save for something.I am also going to do a girls and boys club to work on skills,make things and experiment.The kids will have quiet time to read scriptures,write and draw.
3.Write your bucket list with the kids.Write it down with as much or as little as you want.
4.Each weekend we will plan for the week ahead and hopefully everyone will be on the same page.
5.I will make my grab and go bags with the kids so we are prepared for it all.It will have food,drinks,extra clothes,first aid,sunblock and well you get the idea! I will do a more detailed post soon!
6.I will have to fit in exercise somewhere!We are on week 6.I found another tough but worth it set of exercises, Brazilian bum workout Need I say more! I am serious about this.
7.Create an area to create,craft,write and dream.It should include a writing surface,any pens,crayons,paper,tape etc....I will make a more extensive list later.
Get packed and set for a fun and best Summer ever!Are you ready?

What are your plans for Summer?

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