Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Sun Moon and Stars lesson plan

How amazing are the stars that make up the sky.We have been talking about the stars and planets.I poked some holes in paper to look like the constellations.I shone a flashlight through it.We learned about the myths behind big dipper and Orion
Next I had the kids make up their own constellation with a story.My daughter came up with Princess Penelope looking for her shoes she looked and looked but could never find them.She asked the Sun but he could not help.She asked the moon he lifted her up and asked the stars to help.She is still looking to this day.It is another chance for my Kindergartner to practice her writing.

I also want to share this cute Tale of the Sun and moon.We also talked about the Moon phases.

The kids enjoyed this clip about Super Sun.
We did our nursery Rhyme and I named a part of the baby like his nose and had a star I made out of felt touch his nose.We continued naming different body parts.I recieved many coos and smiles.It is a good sensory activity and greet for language development.For my Second grader I made a list of Vocabulary words like orbit,gravity,phases,constellation.
We also did some fun finger plays and songs This is good for fine and gross motor development.

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