Friday, May 3, 2013

Tree lesson

After we talked about the water cycle we talked about the trees sucking up the water.Trees use the water and provide oxygen and homes for animals.We talked about trees and how they have different leaves and bark.We picked a tree and did a rubbing of the bark.
The baby enjoyed feeling the bark.We talked about Utah's State tree Blue Spruce.

Here is our tree it has pine cones meaning it is Coniferous.  
Here is new pine cones budding.

We also talked about a historic tree in Provo,Ut called the Ulmus Americana.It is 83 years old and it spreads its branches sideways instead of growing up.Here is the website and picture from the website
We added a tree to our water cycle picture.I cut out a stump from brown construction paper.The kids drew branches and then use their fingerprints to make the leaves.I thought it tied it together nicely! The kids always show the baby the pictures when they are done.Too cute!We also started our book on Utah.This is a great lesson for Arbor day.

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