Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A look back at the years activities

We started off the year with the letter,number and color of the week. My Toddler didn't know how to recognize his name and now you ask him what his name is and he knows.My Kinder was still learning sounds and now she can read above her grade level! I am a proud Mom!

In the Fall we moved to a new house and have made some new friends!

We had a teddy bear picnic and played in the bath paint  with cars.

Everyone loved the penguin appetizers.

After the Holidays we welcomed our baby boy.See how much he has grown!He did the upside down thing on his own.

I started Take back your Turf Thursdays.My leftover sock angry birds brought down the house!

I hope all of you were able to get your kids to bed better with my 5 tips to a smooth bedtime. We are still doing pretty good with that!

I organized my linen closet and made shelves in the bathroom for more space.Love it! Now how to get my kids to pick up their towels!

You joined us for our letter review Dr. Seuss style.

Did you remember to breathe and join me for Meditation Monday? The favorite post was 3 ways to bring balance into your life.I am so happy that you loved that one! I am still not sure about the name.Thoughts?

Rainbow week was so much fun.We did a lot and I also taught my kids some yoga.My 6 year old still won't sit still!

Everyone was hungry for The Hungry Caterpillar and my rainbow obstacle course.

Easter we did some egg-speriments.I started writing lessons for the baby.

We learned about the ocean and flew to the moon and the stars.

We are almost done with our letters.This week is U and V.Next week is W with water activities. Finally we end with X,Y and Z.Thanks for joining us and I hope I have inspire you in some way.Let me know of anything I can add or something you want me to talk about.......Don't forget to join us on our Summer of Success......2 more days!!!!

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