Thursday, June 6, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday-How to pack your car so there is no surprises!

Is everyone ready for Summer?If you decide to go to the pool or park do you have a bag you can just grab?Do you have extra clothes and sun block?

I came across this blog where this person was more than prepared.She thought of everything! She really found a creative way to use the dollar store hanging organizer.Check her site out! Don't forget the stroller!

I also found these cute smaller grab and go bags.It would be good for smaller things like first aid or activities.

I was thinking too,if you have a space in a garage or mud room to have a bag for camping,hike and beach.You don't have to keep them in the car but just grab and go!Also you should have paper,crayons and pens to write things down when you think of them or for the kiddos!If they have their journals they can write when inspired to do so.

You can take a Lysol container and fabric and make a place for trash bags or grab and go bags.It could also be a good place to put snacks or treasures from the kid's adventures.

Also we put a fire pit together in less than an hour.We had the ring already so we went and got stones to put around it and rocks to fill the gaps.Pretty easy and only $50!We had to try it out of course!!

This week I have been sick so not much exercising happening here.This week is week 5.Check out this 7-Minute-HIIT-Workout.If you are new to my get ready for the beach in 12 weeks.I am not a fitness guru I just want to lose some baby weight.The first post is here!

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