Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What are we putting in our Spiritual bank?

As I was doing the devotional for the week I found this talk that went along perfectly with treasures in heaven. It is given by Mary Ellen Smoot.The title is Everything money cannot buy.To paraphrase she starts out with a story where her friends car was vandelized. Luckily they recovered her more valuuable things money couldn't buy.She talks about why we seek treasures in heaven and how we get them.

Writing prompt:What is your favorite treasure? Why?

I asked my son to get his piggy bank and some coins.We talked about that he has a bank account where he can put his money. I want to talk about their spiritual account.I had them put a coin in and I would say that is reading your scriptures, praying and being kind to your siblings etc....When we do those things our spiritual bank is full.If you don't do the little things that we are empty.

As we get closer to going to the Zoo we did some more research.My oldest wanted to look at a Falcon. We found a webcam for the Peregrine Falcon.It is the fastest animal in the world.

Here is how our bookworm is coming along. How many books has your kids read?

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