Monday, August 19, 2013

Meditation Monday

This week I will really have to be very conscious of my stress level.We have had so many issues with our car and things breaking in the house.It is really is hard to think positively or keep any kind of order in my home,but here it goes!

We really have so much to be thankful for. We have food,roof over our heads,great and healthy kids.Just to name a few!I am counting my blessings not the last few hours of my sanity.I really try to be strong for my family so they don't see that I am worried.Am I burying it deep and stressing without my knowledge? Have I become used to stress? How do you handle stress?

I saw this really great mmeditation you can do and I tried it today, and loved it!This meditation really calmed me right down.What you do is press your fingers to your thumb one at time and each new time is a new saying
I am ready
I am steady
I am clear
I face fear
Repeat 11 times....

I hope you enjoy and check these guys out on Facebook .They have lots of goodies and exercises!

Join us this week for some buggy yoga fun and,Take back your Turf Thursday!

Until next time...breathe, relax and be calm.

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