Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Preschool and baby lesson about bugs

Devotional: Alma 38:12
See that ye bridle all your passions, that ye may be filled with love; see that ye refrain from idleness.

"One part of us seems to want to “let go” and express our emotions or appetites; another part wants to exert control over our emotions and appetites. The controlling, restraining influence is exerted by our spirit."

Explain that you are going to try an experiment in self-discipline. Ask each young woman to move her right hand in a circle, then to move her left foot back and forth, then to move her head up and down. Now ask each of them to sit very quietly and concentrate on anything except what you are going to describe to them. Then describe in detail a delicious food or dessert.

•Which was harder, telling your hand or foot what to do, or telling your thoughts and emotions what to do?
The above quote,activity and the rest of the lesson can be found  here

Nursery Rhyme: Itsy Bitsy Spider

Things that bug me:
How to talk about your emotions.I had him show me his best face for happy,sad,mad,surprised and for extra fun we did a silly face.Actually he could only do the first 2 then the rest were silly! We looked in the mirror so we could see the faces we made.Next we drew different faces on the mirror.The baby had fun looking in the mirror.I would say something like the baby is happy he is smiling! He didn't like it when I made a sad face.That just shows how in tune babies are to our feelings!

We read some books about bugs and emotions!Score for the Mommy!
In Winnie the Pooh and the honey tree there are very expressive pictures of Pooh bear.The story is all about trying to get some honey.He thinks he can trick the bees to steal some honey.I would ask my son if he was showing a certain emotion.He would tell me what he thought was happening in the pictures.

Gross motor:We did a bug hunt.He is ready to go!
 Here is a spider web.We saw many of those *shudder*.We saw butterflies,dragonflies,wasps,caterpillar.My preschooler kept saying "don't kill them he's my friend."
 We even heard and saw this little guy.He was eating bugs!Yummy!
 He is not a bug but he sure is cute!

Make head band to be a bug with construction paper,pipe cleaners,and pom poms.I gave him some paper to practice cutting.Too cute don't you think?

Music and movement: Pretend to be different bugs while wearing the head band.

 We tried some fun songs
Bug song A-hunting we will go, A-hunting we will go, We'll catch a (butterfly,spider,etc - let each child have a turn in choosing a bug) and put it in a box, and then we'll let it go!

Bee Hive finger play (Put your hands together like a bee hive and say...) This is my bee hive, but where are the bees, hidden inside where nobody sees, one two three four five (Pop fingers up while counting) And then Buzz the children with your fingers.

We ended with some bug juice and a sandwich.

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