Friday, August 23, 2013

What happened to this week?

This week has been craZy! We have had car trouble, house trouble,a unexpected passing if someone,and waiting to hear about a diagnosis for my family member whose toes kept turning black.That is not all either!What? When the trials come they pour!

We have been trying to do school but have not been home.We did visit and do some service for those of my friends and family who needed it.I had the chance to talk to my kids about service.Some learning did happen! My 3 yr old recognized the letter B when I asked him to find it in a book title! Sooooo excited!

Next week we will finish letter U and start G.

Today I spent holding my very grumpy, but cute baby,who got his immunization shots today.Soooo sad.:(

Who else had a week like mine?
Here is my Preschooler working on the car with Dad.

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