Monday, September 9, 2013

Meditation Monday -Why don't we go for it?

It seems like it was not long ago I Ieft my parents to move and get married to a place where I didn't know anyone. All my childhood friends gone.I only knew my husband and his family.When I moved I had bronchitis and I was lonely.But, I just had the happiest day of my life,why was I having such a hard time?
To make any kind of decision requires some sacrifices.Some of life's choices require a leap of faith.If only we had a crystal ball to see if we will be happy with our choice.These choices can be hard and accepting the outcome of them is even harder.What if we know what we want to do but we don't do it? I knew I wanted to write this blog but I didn't do it for a while.Why don't we just jump in? There are 3 obstacles we must overcome before we make a hard decisions.They are the following
1.Negative thoughts.No one can hurt us more than ourselves.A few negative thoughts and we are ready to put on the breaks! However this first obstacle is important because, then we feel we have thought it through.If we think of all the negative then we think of the positive.However,sometimes we are positive until these negative thoughts creep in.If we decide to move forward then the second obstacle comes into play.2.The roles we play.We are mothers/fathers,wives/husbands,homemaker,friend and so on.When we hit this obstacle we fear it will affect these roles or they just occupy our time till that is all we have time for.Think of for each role and its jobs.Visualize that for each role and its jobs you are handed a book.Pretty soon it is too much and you have to let something good go.
Last if we make it past 1 or 2 ,the last obstacle is the hardest to overcome.3.Not taking action.We have to get past the thinking and planning and do it!There are many reasons to not take action after we have thought it through and made sure we have time.It can be fear,or not knowing where to start.Maybe our family or friend has expressed concern and now we are having second thoughts.We may be all ready and then we push it and pack it away in the back of our minds.Then it is really hard to do it and it is a dream we have that one day we will.
I wish I knew how to overcome these obstacles.I could give you a "how to" formula.Sometimes it just takes time.Other times we just keep getting stuck on these 3 obstacles and we cycle through them over and over.At some point we accept it and decide whatever happens we will endure.Once there is true acceptance we can jump in!

If you are holding back from doing something ask yourself truly why?Are you stuck in this same way of thinking?Is what you think is holding you back really just you and fear? I hope if you have put something off that you will look at it again and leap.Do you really fail if you are trying?Or do you fail because you quit trying?

Breathe,relax and be calm

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