Wednesday, September 11, 2013

R is for remember,race and roll

Scripture:Exodus 20:12
Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee
Nursery Rhyme:where is baby?(to the tune of where is Thumbkin?)

R is for remember.We started off by talking about all the flags we were seeing.The colors of the flag are red,white and blue.We talked about America.Today we remember 9/11 and the attack on Twin kids like most of the kids this generation did not know about the story of 9 /11 so I want to teach my preschooler.I showed him a picture of the towers and we talked about what errors was basically it was a really bad guy or bully.he said did they get put in timeout?So cute right?we talked about heroes and how the people to give up their lives on the plane and in the towers and fighting to save the people were heroes.Then,I found this video on YouTube called Through a child's eye- 9/11 tribute

We did still do some fun letter R for race.We had fun racing each other to see who was the fastest.We also ran outside to see how far we can run in 10 seconds.In addition we also play the game to see who could be quiet the longest.R is for run.What other things can you race?Cars?Airplanes?What boy wouldn't love that?

For baby:For the next activity we need a bowl and a ball. I put the ball inside the bowl the baby was delighted to watch as he tried to grab the ball. It is a great practice for fine motor skills and you get so excited when he would get the ball.He is 7 months now and is sitting up pretty much on his own.At one point he flipped over the bowl and started drumming on it.My 3 year old wanted to join in so he got whole bunch of pots and pans and they were drumming together as we sang nursery rhymes we also for class to the rhythm of the nursery rhymes.

For the next activity we gotta ball and passed it back and forth to each for roll.He is doing plenty a rolling around and scooting all on his own.Big boy!

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