Thursday, September 12, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday -finding the light when you are surrounded by dark

Today was one of those days!After a week of no sleep.Also getting our rental up after our renters bailed on us.I woke up with a migraine.I couldn't function.I couldn't try to clean up my messy house due to being at the rental every moment.

After my kids got home all chaos.I was nagging the kids were oblivious! My daughter was pushing all my buttons.I had forgot that a friend was going to pick my kid up for soccer.She showed up I was bawling and we weren't ready! How can I embrace this chaos?

The baby has a infection on his diaper area and as I was pulling up to get his ointment he was screaming in the pharmacy drive through.I turned car off.My battery died because I turned the car off but not the lights.Are you getting an idea of how I felt about my day?

Then I see the most beautiful sights in the sky.I am going to start over cleaning and hopefully getting sleep again.What I realize upon reflection, is after the storm ,when it seems the darkest clouds are overhead, a ray of light breaks through and it is stronger than the darkness.God is always there and always watching.He is my light and my life.

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