Thursday, September 19, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday-How to start anything and start small

The clutter is out of control.I clean somewhere and the next day or even hour there is more stuff!Is it coming out of the walls?My Mom used to talk to us about the house fairy.If we didn't pick up things they would disappear and she would say it was the house fairy.Well....where is she?I must have a house troll or warlock!

Messes happen with kids.It just does!However it really bothers me.I have made a recent discovery.If I can get most of the things up high,then I can limit what is out.Wow shocker!If there are toys hidden in the walls I will know and scare them back in!

Since looking at my house as a whole and a hole to clean,I would feel overwhelmed!I need to make a more reasonable goal don't you think?
How do you start something? 1.Find out what is important to you.2.make a goal(one,not four or ten, one!)3.Baby prepared to take baby steps backwards too and accept life and it's chaos!

I wrote down my most important things to me.
1.spend time with people I love
2.Get house manageable(notice I don't say spic n span because that isn't going to happen anytime soon)
3.purge the junk 5 minutes a day
4.get breaks when when I need

As I wrote this list I noticed something.To achieve my first goal I need to do number 2 first because cleaning takes a long time..To manage my house better I need to do number 3 first.I don't know when number 4 will happen.As I write I chuckle then cry.Impossible? No but it will take longer than I hoped.I found this post about simplifying your life.It is suggested to start small and then gradually add on.So first I purge for 5 minutes and then celebrate my success.Then the next week it can be 8 minutes and so on.I also need to try to keep my counters clean so I am going to start in the kitchen by the sink.I think the flylady has good ideas on where to start.Where are you going to start?Post here and we can support each other! I feel a challenge coming on! Maybe?:-P

If you are in a slump what do you do to get out of it?

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