Friday, September 27, 2013

What is keeping you stuck? How to identify it and then act.

According to the article 10 things you can do today to improve your life ,we need to identify what’s keeping you stuck.It is then suggested further, and I quote:

1) "Stop and see what it is that’s keeping you stuck right now. Oftentimes it’s a blind spot you can’t see, so taking time to mull things over helps you see more clearly. Is it a decision you’re afraid to make? Are certain people bringing you down? Are you in a cycle of negative thinking?"
2) "Look around you to how this blind spot is touching your life. Is it only at home? Or just at work [or] school? and finally"
3)" Listen to what your heart and mind tell you about what you need to do. Learning to reflect on your inner thoughts and feelings will help you trust putting them into action."

I have made my goals and am more clear every day what I want.When I read the above article it really was an eye opener that I am afraid to make some pretty big decisions,mainly because it means starting over and possibly feeling alone.It is so hard to make friends as an adult.I love my kids and doing school with them but I need some adult conversation.Since we moved it has been hard to keep the friends I made.I feel like I have really tried to do things.I think this started the whole spiraling down.This in turn its really making my negative feelings drag me down.So what now?

I need to ask myself these hard questions and be willing to act on the answers,which is going to be hard for me.I need to get these negative feelings out on paper and turn them into positives.

Have you ever battled with your thoughts?They are like huge road signs telling you what it's ahead if you continue on your current path.
While this battle is raging I become more upset.As I become more upset I draw inward and a storm starts to rage.I recently  went for a drive to see the colors changing on the leaves.We were met by a torrential down pour of rain and then hail.It is no different then how I
feel now.I have brought this rain of unhappiness and negativity that I fail to see the end and the sun waiting to peak out through the clouds.These storms can leave as fast as they came.To accomplish that end,I cast away slowly the negative thoughts and things in my life.I continually strive for my goals!I never give up!

Even a storm can be beautiful!

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