Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 13-less email and more personal notes(31 days of less and more)

Today's challenge:
Tame your inbox. Start by doing a mass delete of any unread emails more than a week old.  Next, check the spam box for all promotional & junk emails.  For most email services, this should prevent them from showing up again.  If you can, create folders and rules to automatically sort incoming mail.

Now it’s time to write a note!  First, search around and find our best pen and some paper or stationary.  Next, find a comfortable, well-lit spot to write.  Then write a letter to your spouse or to each of your children—being sure to include the date, time, a loving greeting, and meaningful, heartfelt sentiments.   It doesn’t have to be long or complicated, just a few sentences expressing yourself in love to someone.

I have been taking these 13 challenges very seriously.I notice them changing me into a different way of thinking and a lifestyle change!

You've got mail! Nothing is better than a hand written note.My kids write me cute notes all the time.As part of the challenge I want to create on each kids doors and ours,a little pocket to put the hand written notes for today.I am hoping that they will write back to me or maybe even each other.It can be a thank you,I love you because....or something on their mind or about their day.I want to then put them in a binder that says I love my family because....We usually try to write someone a letter once a month that is far away and let them know we are thinking of them.I am excited to see how long this lasts!I have heard of other people writing in notebooks.When was the last time you snuck a note in their lunch just because?Their is something fun about being sneaky.My kids are always hiding things they shouldn't under the bed. Maybe this will keep them occupied and less likely to get bored and find trouble!(crossing my fingers)

I like having me and the kids write thank you notes for gifts.It is almost rare to receive them anymore.You never know what a simple act like this will affect someone!

One of my most treasured possessions is from a church activity where people wrote down what they liked about you!I read it often.

All of these are personal and something you can keep.They take time and thoughtfulness.It allows us to slow down and focus on someone else.It shows respect which is missing in our world these days.Hardly anyone r.s.v.p's anymore.

My husband and I met while serving an Lds mission.We wrote we encouraged and shared.We were there for each other and in the end we found a deep respect for each other that when we were done with our service and after dating  turned into a partnership and a lasting love.

The dating divas have a great post about how to make your own special stationary!Check out just-the-two-of-us secret-love-note
There are also many printable love notes for your spouse and for your kids!Here are just a few!
For Him:

For kids

Have fun with this!I know I will.Share what you are going to do or just share a comment!

I am grateful for
2.being a Mom
3.comfy socks

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