Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 25-less bathroom junk and more personal beauty(31 days challenge less and more)

Today's challenge:
Clean out your bathroom. Purge the unnecessary—get rid of stuff you don’t use, duplicates, or items that are past their prime.  Find an out-of-the-way place to store the items you might eventually use, then work at creating a simple, organized system to streamline your bathroom routine.

Next, think about your best facial feature.  Is it your eyes?  Your lips?  Your hair?  What small changes can you make to accentuate your beautiful self?  It could be as simple as wearing lipstick or mascara every day, or just vowing to smile more.

If you want a clean bathroom it is all about how you store things in it.It can become cluttered quickly if you do not have a place for EVERYTHING!

As woman we have creams,washes,lotions,make up,brushes,hair dryer,hair straightener etc....We have bags for a lot of these things too!Bottom line is,we have too much girlie stuff.Do you know how long you are supposed to keep your make up?........3 months!

Did you also know that you need to clean brushes for make up and hair.If you had a cold and used them and did not wash them,you could get the cold again!True? I have heard but do you want to take the chance?

1.clear the counter top.Usually this had all our daily grooming tools.These should be at eye level for easy access.This could be in a medicine cabinet or if your counter is big in cute little storage containers.

2.Drawers and under the sink are for less used items.It is good for those once a week or some monthly.The rest can go up higher.The less you use it the higher it should go.

3.How many shampoo or lotion bottles do you need? If you have to keep them because it is a back up,store it way up high or in a storage room.

Here is a must see under the sink storage solutions!These are really great!I wish I had tight of it!

OK since you asked,twist my arm, here is another creative-bathroom-organization-ideas

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