Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 30-less holiday overkill and more memories(31 days challenges less and more)

Today's challenge:
Take some time to set your priorities, menu, & budget for this holiday season.  Be sure to block out time in your schedule for rest and laughter at home with your family.Think of one or two family traditions you would like to establish this year, and make a plan to follow through on them.

This will be the first year we will actually be spending in our new home!We are so excited! I hope that we can have a more relaxed and fun time.I really try to get holiday cards out but I try not to stress if I don't get them out on time.I have sent them out after the New Year before and people loved it! Plus there was a few people who sent me cards I had not planned on!No stress because I hadn't sent them out yet,just added them to the list.Done!This is the same for neighbor gifts.I just make extra and when someone unexpected comes by I have a little treat.

Right after Thanksgiving the tree and decorations go up!

"Good night fir"-This is a family tradition since I was a little girl.We would gather by the Christmas tree and after we prayed we would blow out the fir.My Mom would say "say goodnight fir"
Good night fir"we would say as we would blow as hard as we could.
 Guess what?.......The lights would go out!
I remember such excitement!(Dad was really good about not letting us know he pulled the plug from the wall.) When I found out it wasn't real I was crushed until I got to do it for my kids!!!Love this tradition.

We also do a Christmas countdown.It is different each year but so fun!See this Pinterest board for many great ideas!

I am thinking of doing this Santas beard.So cute and different.I would love to hear your ideas!
Here is another great one,25-days-until-christmas-countdown-books

Christmas Eve we let the kids open one gift.It us usually slippers,pj's or something small.

Speaking of countdowns.Check out today's organized Christmas countdown
Day 4-Connect with Holiday values.I think this goes perfectly with today's challenge! We should always remeber what Christmas is about.

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