Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 9-5 ways to have less disappointment and more wonder(31 days challenge)

Today's challenge:
Think of a recent disappointment you’ve experienced.  Maybe someone let you down or something you really wanted to happen didn’t.  How did you respond to the disappointment?  Did it make you want to give up or work harder?  How could you turn that disappointment into an opportunity for growth?
Next, think of the last time you did something as simple as sit down with your child to read a favorite fairy tale or watch the sunset or even stargaze with your favorite person.  Take some time today to enjoy the miracles of everyday life.  When you open your eyes to see them, they are everywhere.

We all have had disappointments in our life.We didn't make the team or get a part in a play.Maybe you didn't get asked to a dance or the boy or girl you like doesn't like you.What about a project or dinner not turning out or something small like the weather was bad so something you were looking forward to was cancelled.Whatever it is it can be upsetting.

A little child might cry and stamp his feet or scream.If we as adults did that we would look pretty silly.So how do we deal with it?

Elder Jacob de Jager shared what he learned from a disappointment"if you cannot reach one goal then attain another goal"

“All human beings experience disappointment,” he wrote. “If this hard fact of development were not so, it would be very difficult to explain the joy of personal growth that often follows setbacks. Most human beings accept disappointment and more or less content themselves with a situation in which a certain life-style, along with work and human relations, permits them to bear pain and loss.”

Our challenge is to maintain balance and perspective through inevitable disappointments.

To combat the wounds of disappointment we need to find balance.1.We have expectations of how we want something to go.If they are high we might not meet it.So we need to try not to expect too much and feel anxious about it.At the same time you don't want to never get excited about something.So find where you are comfortable.
2Look at it in a different light.For example,you didn't get the number one thing you wanted for your birthday but that person was thoughtful and you like them and it is good to have friends.
3.Don't let your disappointments loom like a dark cloud and take all your energy.You can ask yourself what is really important.In this way we try to refocus in a new direction.
4.It is important to feel disappointment,pain,frustration and sadness.Just don't let it last longer than is needed.Dwelling on your hurt only pulls you into the dark hole of depression.
5.Don't forget your child like wonder.Here is an article of 50 ways to lighten up and become child like again.
Wonder,imagine and create about everything!What will happen next?They live in the present.To learn, play with a child,play on the playground,color be creative!Check the article above.

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