Monday, October 14, 2013

Meditation Monday-4 ways to find balance in your week and life

I noticed that many of you have really liked my post about 3 ways to bring balance into your life so many of us are searching for more balance?Is it easy for you to do?Life is not easy itself.As we become more comfortable with how we define balance and what is important to us it gets easier!   When we take our first steps in life as a young child we are often off balance and can fall quite easily.If we fall do we get back up.Not always right away but we do and we get better and stronger.
In the circus those who walk the tight rope need to have really good balance.Often we feel weighted down with things.However,most of these day to day choices are voluntary.Some are not of course.My point is, if we have too much and what you are doing isn't working or you don't have enough time in the day;would you walk out on that rope?It takes practice to juggle more than one thing.So why not start back at just trying to balance and walk on your own.You might be thinking you can't just drop everything!I have work,school,kids,meals..the lust can go on.Of course you do.I am merely suggesting you pick a weekend, or a day to get your bearings back.If you are overwhelmed,chances are you put yourself there!Ask your spouse,family or friend to tend to whatever and get away or kick everyone out of the house.

1.If you really did it!Congratulations! I know that was hard!Next,you are going to use half an hour,hour,2 hours,whatever you need to do something relaxing.Go for a walk,a drive into the mountains,meditate, give yourself a spa treatment.Whatever! I bet it has been a while since you have done anything for yourself.In my post about finding balance the first step was to schedule time for you.You deserve it!Enjoy it because next you are going to battle with yourself.Be prepared to ask yourself some tough questions!But you should be relaxed right?

2.Write down each day in your week.Start from when you wake up till you go to bed.See where you spend your time.I look over my week on Sunday.I don't always make a list but I figure out what I want to do better and how I can be better and start fresh on Monday.It is as if your slate has been wiped clean.There are no mistakes yet just a new day with lots of possibilities!You make it a great day!On Sunday it is review time.Where is your time going?You can find your biggest time wasters this way.If we want time we have to make it!

3.Pick 3 things to eliminate from your week.I can hear the protesting now!Tough love! That is what this is right?Here is a look at one of my days to get you started.

7:00-wake up feed baby or start breakfast.Get dressed.The others who dwell here emerge from their cave.
8-between 7 and 8 kids up,eat,dressed,clear dishes and leave for school.
9-when I get back from dropping off my kids I go for a walk at about 8:30 or 9.If there are phone calls,Internet I write how long I am tied up with those at any point in the day.Typically it is a few minutes here or there.
9:30 or 10-I am home and eat a snack and make sure dishes are in dishwasher or unload it.I feed the baby,change diapers.Then I spend time with my kids.Tuesday and Thursday us preschool from 9:30-11:30
10:30 or 11-  on Mondays I clean because the weekend is to hard to clean.I set my timer for 15 minutes and clean.Sometimes that is it!Other times I will go longer until 11:30
11:30-12:00-lunch and clean up.Stories.Feed baby
12-2 is quiet time ideally. This time is me time.I nap,read,prepare lessons ,blog,or clean.My baby isn't much of a napper.
2-3:15get ready,clean up,let dog out,pick up kids and get them snacks
3:15-4 free time for kids and I feed the baby
4-4:30 is study time
4:30 or 5-clean up kitchen and table,dinner prep and as much clean as I go.
5-5:30-kids chores and clean up rooms
5:30-6:30dinner,clean up get ready for next day all pitch in or Mon gets mad!
6:30-7:30-Family time
7:30-8:30-quiet time.stories and bed
9-10-Mom and Dad time,go over next day,finish blog,night routine
As you can see most of my time is accounted for but sometimes things take longer and throw me off! Plus this schedule evolved after many failed attempts!You have to go through it if you want others to right ?There might be a lot or just a few places you need to adjust or use your time better.Maybe you need a whole new habit.I realized, and I am embarrassed to say it took me so long but,I realized if I don't make keeping my kitchen clean a priority then it builds up and I waste a lot of time playing catch up.I have made it 11 days now with a clean kitchen by the time I go to bed.I have really disciplined myself!Also I have noticed if others in my family do not share this same enthusiasm for a clean kitchen(namely my kids);I just do it myself without anger.I can train them later.
Once you start seeing your time wasters eliminate them or spread what you have to do in shorter bursts.
"When you can't do a lot do a little."This tip is part of 10-tips-to-get-back-on-track-when-life-derails-your-productivity/#more-18488.If I am low on motivation or energy I set a timer for 5 minutes.If that is all I can do,I smile dry good job!Maybe I need to try again tomorrow and work on my attitude for that day.Here is a great post on how-to-start-your-week-with-your-batteries-fully-charged.

There are always 3 tasks I must do or do a little of each day. minutes declutter
2.big item like pay bills,grocery shop,or an errand 1/day
3.Time with my kids and husband
4.If I have time, to work on a personal goal.Areas for personal can be an attitude check,blog,house and so on.I try to do something for my mind,body and spirit.

When I go to bed I make sure I know where things are and lunches,clothes are ready to go.Where is the laundry?Is it wet,in the dryer,or needing to be folded?How is my kitchen?Have I done something in all four areas.For now with young kids that is the most essential.My other cleaning tasks will have to wait until my Hubby is home to watch the kids.There is a lot of tweaking to do for cleaning but I just can't worry until my kitchen habit is in place.
Here are a few areas you may want to look at changing:
Morning routine,bed time,how much screen time you are getting,how much time spent at home and away from home.What are your commitments?

4.The last tip to bringing back balance is to review your week and see how it went.This is best done at the end of the week.What worked and what didn't?Try something another way.Add or take something away from your schedule.Don't add anything else until you are sure you can handle it.Imagine having 24 hours and you deciding how you would use it .What honestly if you could choose, would be at the top of your list?What would be at the bottom?You may have to say no to good things but until you have found that balance back you want to start simple.Once you have done these reviews,which I would recommend scheduling into your week,you will start to see where you spend your time.It may be with family,home,work,social,spiritual,personal.All these areas need time bocked out for them.Each of us is different.Start now.Change happens a little each day.It will all come together.Unexpected things happen.Just have a plan B and try to get back.Till next week.

Breathe,relax and be calm

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