Sunday, November 10, 2013

How to have a more meaningful Christmas

I have gotten over half of my Christmas shopping done! It is a Christmas miracle!!I hope to have all my Christmas packages that need to be in the mail ready to go before Thanksgiving.I am also trying to finalize my bucket list,fir lack of a better term,for Christmas.

Christmas countdown:
Day 14- decoration declutter

How am I going to have a more meaningful Christmas?First I want to finish all my Christmas shopping before December first! I am going to slow down.I am going to make more memories and traditions.My focus and purpose is going to have me and my children focused on the real reason for Christmas.Having Christmas with a purpose will really make a difference! Having a clear understanding of what Christmas means to me and my family is key to a more Christ centered and meaningful Christmas.What gifts can I give?I can give my time in the way of service.

Also on Monday with my oldest son we are going to read the Book of Mormon in 40 days closer to Christ. The last 21 days will be focused more on the book 21 days closer to Christ by Emily Freeman. Those last 21 days have a challenge each day.
To get closer to something requires one step and then another until we are closeer to what we desire.This challenge and because I have defined what Christmas means to me should keep me walking in a steady pace towards Christ and hopefully to continue to do so after the season is over.

Countdown with me to a more relaxing and meaningful Christmas.Here are a few activities I hope to incorporate. I want to keep it simple.Here is a 24 day of devotionals to do each night.Here are 10-ways-to-celebrate-a-christ-centered-christmas

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