Monday, November 25, 2013

Meditation Monday-How to love your life and live a life you love(self designing your life)

I wanted to start by asking these very thought  provoking questions.

Do you know what you really want most from life?

Is your life filled with more responsibilities than rewards?

Would you like to get to do what you’re here to do?

Would you like to go through a simple process that will help you coordinate what you want with what you do?

"EXPERIENCE your vision to its fullest degree. FEEL exactly what you could imagine it would feel like to be in the experience of attaining it. LIVE it as if it were already true, NOW."~ancient ones

You are your thoughts.If you are holding on to the past or don't think you are good enough you are setting yourself up to fail before you have started.Train your subconscious to nudge you in the direction of your vision(what you want to accomplish).Feed it goals,positive affirmations and self talk.We create what we need for our own life's journey.Think positively and you open the doors to endless possibilities.If you let negative thoughts and fear enter your mind then it is like you are looking through the peep hole if possibilities but your vision(what you see) is limited and confined.
Living from within does require training.We need to train our minds to think positively about ourselves and our experiences.

When we think of coming home we usually feel warmth,love and safety.Think of yourself are you creating a home(inside yourself) that is inviting,warm,full of love and safe?Come home to yourself,your true self.How do you unlock your best self?Take sometime alone,as often as you need.Start with 15 minutes everyday.Audrey Hepburn said "“I have to be alone very often. I'd be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That's how I refuel."

Start with small changes,and goals,to your happiness blueprint.As you make these small but significant changes you will see changes in other areas of your life too!Like a snow ball rolling down the hill, your happiness will grow!

Disconnect to connect-Disconnect from email,t.v,I pod,phone and computer at least 1 day per week.I tried this experiment.You can read ithere.It was really hard not to pick up my phone.I got creative though and found distractions.We need to engage our mind and turn it on to all the possibilities. If we don't like what we see we can change the channel and channel happy positive thoughts.The result should be to be deeply connected within and with others.With our vision in place and control of your thoughts the life we want,(not free of trials and struggles)should start to manifest itself slowly.It is your design! So be happy with yourself ,love your life and live a life you love!

My Design.My vision!

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