Thursday, November 14, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday-Take back your Kitchen week 2

This is my new system for getting rid of bills and documents with personal information on it.Can you guess what I did?
It not only makes little scraps of paper but the kids had fun mixing the water and bits of paper and putting it into a ball.I talked to them about how paper is made from little bits like this.All you need is water and paper and a big bowl to put it all in.It is unrecognizable,fun and free! 

I am still recovering from making a bad dinner last night.I haven't made one of those in a very long time.I won't get creative again I promise!My poor! Oh well it seemed good in my head.Has that ever happened to you?

So far I have been doing a pretty good job on keeping up with my Kitchen counters and table.I am still searching for a system that works for all my paper!I am making progress!It is hard when you get behind other areas of your home suffer.However I cleaned a puke of papers out in my room O got so excited that I cleaned the whole area around it!Then I made my bed!Guess what happened then?Yes! I kept going until the whole area n front of my closet was done and my husband joined in too!So now I am trying to keep that clean and catch up on laundry until I can get to the point of 1 load a day again!

To summarize I started small with doing the dishes each night.Then when I was comfortable I added a counter at a time and that got me started on paper.These are my have tos everyday.I can get them done a lot faster and keep areas cleaner and I don't feel overwhelmed!I may sound like a broken record at this point,but I cannot stress starting small!It is like training for a marathon.You have to build up to it!We are training our brains when we start cleaning slowly and it becomes second nature and you don't have to think about what you are doing.You just start doing the dishes and you won't let it get out of control!

I am excited for week 3-Make my command center!The one I have currently is not working and that is ok!Here is to the new and improved!



What should my command center have?Anything to command and conquer!Intrigued? Read on....
-place for all my bill paying,pens,paper,stamps,etc
-incoming paper
-calendar(I need a better one!That is for another day)
-meals and cleaning routine
-school planning stuff and family binder
-dry erase board for each family member.I think I will use plastic plates.I saw someone use it as a dry erase board.{clever ;)}
-a place for phone,hubby's things
I am sure I will think of new things!
Last but not least ,Christmas countdown:
Day 18-create a wrapping and mail center.I am almost there!Most of my gifts are bought and my December is planned out even the days where I am taking a break!

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