Friday, November 1, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday(ummm Friday oops) -Take back your Kitchen and take back family dinners

In October I worked on keeping my sink clean.By night all dishes needed to be done.It felt so good!By doing this it was like I pushed areset button and could start completely fresh the next morning.Many have talked about the importance of doing this,but until I actually tried it myself I didn't realize how great it felt. Once I felt comfortable with that,which took about 2 weeks I worked on clearing the counter.That is where mail,paper,almost everything ends up.This is going to be a very difficult one to break. Empty spaces practically call out to have "stuff" put on it.This dumping when youwalk in the door is a bad habit and even if you get those flat surfaces clean it gets cluttered because you aren't getting to the root of the problem.Like a tree,you are attacking the trunk of it there is so much more beneath the ground,deeply rooted.
I want to write what I am going to be doing this month so I can be held accountable.Start with one counter and move to the next.Keep adding a new flat surface each time.

Here is what is going on emotionally.You are tired,you dont' want to deal
with the mess.Can you picture your shoulders drooping forward?Everything in your hands feel heavy and you need to drop them because they are one more thing to deal with.This is how clutter builds.You start to not want to tackle this big job and you stop wanting to cook.This leads to eating out and less family meals and conversation.Do you feel  that way about your life?Each day you are just dumped anywhere.Your day is at the mercy of what you can squeeze in?Maybe there is no direction to your day?Just like clutter your negative thoughts are piling up and this can affect the rest of the areas in your life.You feel anxious frustrated.Negative thoughts like "I will never get to all of this" cloud your mind.So who wants a two fold change;both mentally and  physically?Unclutter your counter,unclutter your mind and keep going to unclutter your life.Start removing what doesn't belong.How does that feel?Here is my plan:

Week 1&2-This month I will be setting up a place for my mail and other papers.I also want to get in the habit of filing once per week.I will be devoting 15 minutes a day to going through paper.

Week 3-I am also going to create a mail center and deal with the mail as I come in the door.

Week 4-Pick a cupboard and clean it out.Set my kitchen into zones.Create command center.
There is a great command center here

Next month:finish Island cupboards and drawers.

January-organize your closets
Make a mud room out of coat closet.

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