Thursday, November 14, 2013

Who who are you?Letter O -preschool and baby lesson

Scripture Jacob 6:12
 O be wise; what can I say more?

I thought this was very fitting for owls.They are symbols of wisdom.Sometimes we do things to go along with the crowd. If you are feeling a bad feeling about something.Don't ignore it.That is the spirit constraining you to not do it.It is also known as common sense.Choose good friends and learn to spend money wisely.We all make mistakes but that is how we learn to spread our wings and fly on our own.

Letter: O
Nursery Rhyme:
Music and movement:
(Tune:Skip to my Lou) Sing at circle with owl puppet- have child say their name and then it is their turn to hold puppet and choose another child who takes a turn after saying their name...

Owl in the tree says, "Who, who, who."
Owl in the tree says, "Who, who, who."
Owl in the tree says, "Who, who, who.
Who, who, are you?"

Owl exercises

Lead children in some movements and stretches using owl behaviors as a guide. Children can:

Fly: by flapping their arms(I tried to get the baby to do ut with us.)
Look around: by turning their heads slowly from side to side
Perch: by bending their knees and standing on their toes with their arms at their side
Swoop: by sticking their arms out straight to each side and dipping their heads down and then back up from side to side

Craft:Letter O owls
Need:brown,yellow,orange and black construction paper.You will also need beans,bird seed or we used stale rice crispies and glue.I didn't follow any instructions just made an O,a triangle for the head,eye, beak and feet.
Next glue on O on construction paper of kids choice.Glue triangle to the top of the O.Then the eyes beak and feet.
Then,put glue and rice crispies on the O.
Last for the wings we traced kids hands and then cut and glue!Super easy,and cute as can be!

For baby:sing nursery ryhme.Trace hands.I also made a texture board with feathers.

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