Saturday, February 1, 2014

Reaching in and Reaching out-Week 5 14 days and 14 ways to show love

Welcome to my 14 days and 14 ways to show LOVE How am I going to show love

For ME
Reaching in:
 Start your day with LOVE.Breathe it in.Meditate and think of love for you and your loved ones.Try this open your heart Meditation if you need an idea of how to start.

Reaching out:

We talked about where we first met and we got out our memory boxes to look at letters we wrote each other.We met at the Missionary Training Center.This is where all missionaries go for guidance and preparation to go on their missions. My hubby and I wrote to each other while we were on my missions.I am still shocked as I look back to that time that we turned our friendship into a partnership.It was a lot of fun and we involved our kiddos in this one.

Here we are sooo young:

For my kids
Put away the phone and play with them or cuddle.I know that I reach for my phone way too often.It has been something to keep me occupied while I feed the baby and now it has just become a bad habit!I am going to try to be on my phone during quiet time.

I also loved this 31-ways-to-pray-for-our-husbands.I added my kids in there.

 That he and my kids would draw close to God.

For my HOME

Everyone loves a  Makeover - Pick a room and show it some love by rearranging the furniture or  adding new pillows or other accessories.Really pay attention to little details and make a note of any maintenance that needs to be done.

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