Friday, February 7, 2014

Reaching in and Reaching out-Week 6(14 days and 14 ways to show love-Day 5)

According to Pantajali’s Yoga Sutra 2.33, “When the mind is disturbed by improper thoughts constant pondering over the opposites is the remedy.”

We are not perfect.It would be easy to see ourselves as incomplete.I battle fatigue that leaves me drained and discouraged.I suppose I could wallow and pity myself.At times I do go that route,but it never ends well.To love others and make them happy,first you must love yourself.So I want you to think about your imperfections and embrace them!Look in the mirror.Now really look!What do you love about your face?Look deeply and search.I want you to think I am beautiful!

Be aware of negative self talk.If you find yourself in a cycle of talking down to yourself;try today to think the opposite.

Sometimes we get into a groove or the"day to day" living that is ok but not exciting or spontaneous.Tonight I am not going to look like an overtired wife.I am going to wear a dress and do my make up.Next,I am not going to say I am too tired to anything.Just one night where he feels loved COMPLETELY and in charge!

For my KIDS
Since we are talking opposites today,why not have a opposites day or no rule day.They can do what they want as long as it is not hurting anyone
on the inside or out.This includes themselves!

Today's Prayer
That my husband and children's faith will increase.

For my HOME
I want my home to be a place where everyone feels comfortable.They want to stay because of what they feel while they are there.First of all since I have been thinking about my home having energy(or lack of) I have noticed something.Certain rooms make me happy and some make me tense up the minute I step foot in it.I guess this isn't too strange right?I never really thought to give some of my rooms a makeover.Get out the lipstick,eye shadow and blush!Not for you but for your room?Huh?Maybe. Some brightly colored pillows or showing off some treasured items may just lighten your mood a bit!

He is my cute little accessory!

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