Sunday, February 9, 2014

Reaching in and Reaching out-Week 6(14 daysand 14 ways to show love-Day 6)

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Betty Larrea,yoga instructor and writer, says:

"Each time I get on my mat, I am opening my heart to myself. I become more aware of myself ~ physically, emotionally, energetically. I am fully aware of my body, its strengths and its limitations. I can see where I am holding tension in my body, where I can let go more, ease up more, connect more and love myself more."

Today to show love:

I love yoga.I love how I can just focus on what my body is doing abd I can let it all go.I wanted to focus on opening our heart to love and be loved.It is also important to be selfless in giving this love.6-simple-yoga-poses-to-balance-and-open-the-heart-chakra/

How do you love your Spouse with your whole heart?First open your heart to love.Make time for one another.Beware of being too critical and damaging his or your heart.Know where your spouses has vulnerability and help him feel secure and never use his weakness in an argument or against him!

For my KIDS
Let your kids see that you notice them for the good things they do.Let them know how they have touched your heart today.Pretend like you hold their heart in your hand.You wouldn't yell or be rough in any way.Hearts can break easily.Are you too exhausted to open your heart and feel like you have to fix everything?When do you stop and notice what is really going on?We need to show them kindness and self control, if we want them to adopt these same traits.Again I ask how has your child touched your heart today?Don't forget to give them a hug!

For the HOME
If we want our homes to be happy we have to make it that way!Cutter is,in my opinion the opposite of a happy home.The number of people needing advice about clutter is growing.So is the number of people willing to give that advice.What works for one person might not work for another.But your happiness really does depend on it!So here are some sure fire ways to fight the battle of clutter and keep it away for good!
1.Walk around your home and take a notebook with you.Next you are going to write an area that is cluttered and making you unhappy.
2.Write down next,why it is making you feel that way and what you would rather see.You could also include how you want it to function.Getting it in paper puts it in perspective.I can look at my kitchen and say I really want to cook but there is so many dishes and papers I can't think.It makes me tired and unmotivated.
3.Once you know your problem areas it is time to tackle them one at a time.Notice if your mood is lightening up or not.This is a sure fire way you know this is an area if frustration for you.
4.Pick a spot and set a time limit.Start looking at what the clutter is?How is it getting there?Does it have a home?
5.If it is homeless you need to find it a home.Then put it there.This is the start of a new habit.It will take a while to make it permanent.
6.This is the part where we shout for joy! If you have cleared that area,you need to keep it clean.Put something a note anything to keep you from putting clutter back!
7.Try not to move on to another area until you are no longer tempted to cover that surface.You should get to the point where something comes in and it is dealt with immediately.

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