Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What I learned from a bypass surgery,and why you can't let life "pass you by"

The definition of bypass is to take a detour, alternate route, alternative route, diversion, or shortcut.For a bypass surgery the doctor creates an alternate route for the heart by grafting new veins from somewhere else in the body.Watching my family member go through this bypass surgery has been pretty tough!I didn't know they had to break the sternum to get to the heart!

You know what though?......

These surgeries give a person a whole new heart.This person has another shot and time to maybe do what they have been procrastinating.Another shot?Sounds good to me!Sound good to you?

Each day I think you get another shot.It is a chance to make this day better than yesterday.You could just let each day pass you by without much thought of what you put into it.The alternative,making goals and choosing to be positive and happy sound much better.It is even more better for our heart.To have a heart open to possibilities and inspiration.The opposite can also be true.The opposite means your heart is closed,unhappy and uninspired.How much do you know about your heart?Listen to it and it will lead you in the right direction!

Here are 3 sure fire ways to live life and have a more open heart
1.Wake up with gratitude in your heart.Be grateful for another day.Find something to look forward to!
2.Stop being, thinking and breathing negativity!You are your worst enemy!Am I right?You can be so hard on yourself or think things are hard,which they might be,but it too shall pass.You will be ok!
3.Make the most of your time.Don't say to yourself "someday I will"What if you never get to someday?

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