Saturday, May 3, 2014

May 3rd-31 days of May- keovers

It has been a few months since my 1 year old was told he was allergic to almost everything.How doesn't really know what he is missing out on,but me,I am going crazy on this diet! I still have to nurse him so I have had to cut out so many of my go to snacks and meals.

Its time to go through my recipes and decide if we actually have cooked them in the last year.I have been trying to come up with 7 meals and then 7 more meals that will work.

Maybe you are trying to eat healthier and mot of your meals have too much fats or carbs.It is a challenge but you can make almost any meal with just changing, omitting a few ingredients.

Today's assignment:
Take a look at your recipes.Are they in various cook books,pins,and magazines.Toss or store cookbooks you don't use.Pick 14 of your favorite meals and make sure your recipes are all together.With these 14 dinner meals you can rotate each week and you have a months worth of meals!Why write it down?It helps to see it visually.You know you have a plan and it will be easier to stick to.You can store many recipes digitally now.Someday for me!sigh

If you want just a little challenge;cook something new!

I found a 7-day-meal-planner and shopping list that you can download to help you choose your 14 meals.

Want ideas if how to mix up dishes you like but are a little boring? Click here or 5 easy swaps found here.You didn't think I would leave you in the dark did you?

Here are my meals.I eat a big salad with lunch and dinner too!Gotta get my protein!

  1. Chicken fajitas with quinoa instead of rice
  2. Chicken curry noodles
  3. Spaghetti
  4. Sandwiches.The kids have fun with this one!
  5. BBQ chicken with rice and quinoa
  6. Burrito burgers with beans and quinoa
  7. Thai noodles with sunflower butter instead of peanut butter
  8. Chicken salsa with rice and quinoa
  9. Tacos
  10. Tuna and rice
  11. Sloppy joes
  12.  Chicken fajita soup
  13. 6 ingredient potatoes- apples,potatoes,onions,kielbasa (gf),honey and olive oil
  14. Beef cabbage soup

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