Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer of Success- Week 5

We just got back from Yellowstone! It was so much fun!I had no idea of what to expect and how big it really was!Wow!Here is my picture heavy post!

This was a cool tree.Great picture right?

We saw lots of bison and a moose! Many bison blocked the road,like the big guy in the picture below.

We saw a waterfall in the Yellowstone grand canyon.
We saw interesting green plants.My son almost could pass for one don't you think?
Mesa waterfall
We fished and did some rafting at a lake right by our cabin in Island park.

Last week we learned about maps and what we would see at Yellowstone. Tomorrow we are going to learn more about geysers and make one of our own!Next week my oldest 2 have patriot camp.I am thinking of patriotic ideas to do with the younger 2....

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