Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer of Sucess-Week 7,Day 2 of Spy week

Devotional: We are learning to be scripture detectives.There is an awesome study guide that comes with the children's version of the scriptures.We reflected on questions like:

What is the book of Mormon?Did you know the prophet asked us to keep a journal?Why did these people write on plates of gold?

Activity: Write on tinfoil with a pen to get an idea how it was writing on the plates.
Why do we need the Bible and Book of Mormon?God loves us and wants us to have as much knowledge as we can to help us.The Book of Mormon is from a people who left Jerusalem 600 B.C.I love it!We use both for our devotionals!

Letter:T for training, spy training in fact!Read Richard Scary's Fun with Words, letter T

Writing prompt: Write a story:You find a key.What would you do next?Would you try to find where it belongs?What does it go to?Where is it?

I wanted the kids to pick agent code names.To help,we picked a color and a noun.The kids chose 1.Blue Lizard 2.Pink Unicorn 3.Red Bomber
I got the idea from here

Welcome to the CTR(Choose the right)Agency.

The agents were called by their agent numbers and code name.
1.Security scan-My husband used his electrical meter and if it beeped he would tickle the culprit!
2.Check in and background check.Got this link for this activity and more dun ideas!

I printed out Id cards hereThere was a place on the back to put their fingerprints. They received their badges and passports. 

4.Receive their Alias and disguises.They were Prophets from the scriptures. There was Nephi,Alma the younger and Abinadai. We talked about them and what they did.The passports we downloaded from

Top Secret Mission-finding wanted fugitives
Our agents were told to memorize our fugitives names and faces.I just photo copied pictures from the kids volume of scriptures. There was Laman and Lemuel "L and L brothers",King Noah "Underwear bandit",Nehor "Bulletooth Nehor"

They were all apprehended and Nehor was taken down in the process!We had a lot of fun!

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